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90% of defects on the automotive paint are caused by improper car washing. Therefore it is crucial to apply a two-buckets washing method, to use a pH-neutral shampoo as well as a decent pressure washer. Still, the real key aspect is that of what we wash our automobile with, just to pinpoint, as an example, silicone-free sponges, microfibre sponges or gloves, or natural-wool gloves. Gyeon does recommend the last of the mentioned solutions, which should well explain why there are as many as two different items of that sort in our offer. The differentiation lies in the shape of the gloves according to individual preferences as well as the way to hold them while in use. Both types, nonetheless, accommodate all the merits that the material – natural wool – is believed to warrant. This most delicate of all raw materials wins especial smoothness when contacted with water, while the use of shampoo does not cause its stiffening, nor does it glue the hair. Wool, by definition, cannot scratch the automotive paint surface. During the washing, it is able to absorb lots of dirt particles, not shifting them over the paint surface at the same time. The hair that is loose may be rinsed quickly and effectively in a bucket of clean water. The best way to take care of a glove is to rinse it thoroughly after each use. Using detergents is superfluous, whereas washing in the washing machine – inadvisable.

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