Since the very beginning of the company history, our mission has been to implement new solutions and inspire car care market to define its future. That’s the why we develop, formulate and manufacture almost each product in our own laboratory and facility in South Korea, with the help of the best scientists and experts in detailing business. We’ve backed up each single process with in-depth research, intensive testing and obsessive drive to improve. The results of that attitude are exceptional products in terms of the quality, durability and ease of use. We build and keep partnership relations with all our distributors and detailers, helping expand their business, not only by delivering the best GYEON products but also giving all necessary accessories to make detailing process as easy and as fast as possible, the highest standard of promotional materials and every day support by our devoted customer service department, direct application and social media channels. 

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Since early years of the new millennium, we have believed that the car care world is missing a quality, technologically advanced and customer focused brand. Years of development, testing and searching for the best ingredients lead to the debut of Gyeon Quartz in 2012. The brand, located in a modern facility in the heart of South Korea, quickly established its position as the market leader in top notch ceramic coatings. Developing innovative maintenance products, Gyeon combined user friendly characteristics and state of the art packaging, setting new levels in the industry.


We establish new standards when it comes to building a consistent brand image, designing outstanding packaging, marketing materials and always honest, open communication. Our new initiative, GYEON Experience Center, first in Cologne, Germany, is the special place to feel the brand philosophy as well as learn and practice together. All those activities together deliver premium value to our customers, both professionals and enthusiasts. 

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Our worldwide distribution and detailing network consists of the leading wholesalers in the car care sector as well as highly respected detailing specialists, proficient in the most sophisticated technologies.