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How to revive your coating?

A coating will loose its primary properties, such as hydrophobicity, over time. On the contrary of traditional natural waxes, if there is no beading the coating is still there! And 9 out of 10 times, water repellency is not present anymore due to accumulated contamination on the coating itself and that's a normal thing. But did you know that you can revive them with a simple procedure? Most of the contamination present on the coating can be removed safely with chemical decontamination. Once you washed your vehicle thoroughly with Q²M Bathe or Q²M Bathe Essence (we do not recommend the use of Q²M Bathe+ here), spray  Q²M Iron over the whole car. Let dwell for 1 to 3 min and rinse off. Now you can spray Q²M Tar panel by panel followed by a gentle wipe in with Q²M SilkMitt and rinse immediately. Do not let dry any of these products on your paintwork. After such procedure, you'll remove organic and inorganic contaminants present on top of your coating blocking its properties. Once your paintwork is contaminant free, you can apply Q²M Cure to protect against future impact and voila! Your coating is now back to its original performance.

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