Our certified
detailer program

We’re pleased to welcome you to the Gyeon Quartz Certified Detailer Program and grant you access to our certified-only coatings and warranties. From the very beginning, Gyeon Quartz has been seeking automotive perfection, relying on the most renowned distributors and sharing a common passion for craftsmanship with the world’s best detailing studios.


We’re proud to have the best among us. Below you can find the basic, yet most important, requirements for starting the certification process. We encourage you to fill in our Certified Detailer form below, providing all the necessary information which will allow us to quickly complete the verification process and deliver you a prompt reply.


All detailing studios need to fulfill our basic requirements, including:


of professional detailing (commercial) and proficiency in using quartz coatings


which should be well equipped, clean as well as having the necessary space available. An IR-lamp is a must.


during which the candidate should use, present and promote Gyeon products as well as prove that he knows how to apply and benefit from all of our products

Being a Gyeon
Certified Detailer

Gives you an opportunity to work with advanced, professional ceramic coating systems like Q² DuraFlex, Q²Mohs+ or Q²DuraBead. All come with 5 year warranties and this period represents a huge obligation and responsibility with respect to our customers. Therefore, we seek the best and most professional companies in which we can entrust not only a great product but also the reputation of our company. We require continuous engagement and the 6 month probatory period allows us to establish your intentions in relation to our company. We require and check your social media engagement and the brand awareness which is promoted there. We know the conditions that are necessary to apply coatings, and that’s why we won’t accept valeters and companies not using a studio.

the quality of the
studio is a must

Over the years we have established a wide network of certified detailing studios based on quality, product awareness and our technical support. We have a strong belief in this concept and we do not grant permission to use the Gyeon Certification in order to increase sales or boost somebody’s marketing. You need to prove that you really want to work with the brand, you know the products and can offer reliability and know-how. During the certification process, each company can easily use Q² Pure/Mohs/Syncro and other coatings which do not require any authorisation, but also guarantee fantastic results and outstanding durability which should be very satisfactory to their customers. The certificate is valid only if the company is listed here. Gyeon reserves the right to remove any company from this list.

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Our distribution network around the globe

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Our worldwide distribution and detailing network consists of the leading wholesalers in the car care sector as well as highly respected detailing specialists, proficient in the most sophisticated technologies.