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Q 2 R Maintain

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Correct daily maintenance is crucial to keep your seacraft in perfect conditions. Q²R Maintain is a versatile maintenance product for all exterior surfaces, from gelcoat to wood or carbon fibre. Just spray the product on a microfibre, wipe the surface and enjoy a smooth, hydrophobic and streak free finish. The product is perfect to remove dust and fresh water marks.

1000 ML

Slick and repellent finish

Q²R Maintain will allow you to perfect both coated and non-coated surfaces of a seacraft in just one simple pass. Being SiO2 based, it prolongs the durability of the protection on coated surfaces adding hydrophobicity and slickness. Used on its own, it will provide a few weeks of UV protection and a easily noticeable repellency effect.

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The perfect product to maintain both coated and uncoated surfaces. Removes spots, streaks and leaves a slick and glossy hydrophobic finish.