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Q 2 R MetalPolish

Comprehensive line of innovative marine care products.

Q²R MetallPolish is the number one solution when it comes to restoring and polishing metal, aluminium, stainless steel or chrome parts. Highly effective, safe on all surfaces and very easy to use.

120 ML

The ultimate metal polish

Q²R MetalPolish offers an extremely well balanced combination of high cutting properties with a very good level of gloss and clarity of the finish. It might be used within all marine applications, including on stainless steel and chrome.

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Best practice and pro-tips from Yves Heylen

Start with cleaning the surface and removing any contamination. Work in small sections, use the Q²R MetalPolish until only a light haze remains. The product might be used both by hand and machine, with microfibre, foam or wool applicators.