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Our LED light has been developed together with the leader in professional and automotive refinishing lighting – SCANGRIP. Our cooperation was a very creative design process. We proudly call this light GYEON PRISM PLUS powered by SCANGRIP.


Best practice and pro-tips from Yves Heylen

Advice on application and precautions

Use one of our specially developed diffuser caps during and after coating install. They will generate the effect of a softbox, making all imperfections like high spots or streak visible. This will significantly help you to perfect the finish, without the need to get the car outside or build up a specific studio light set up.


TEMPERATURE: 2500K/3500K/4500K/5500K/6500K

LUMENS: 1200lm@100% | 900lm@75%, | 600lm@50% | 300lm@25% | 120lm@10%

Diffused Light & App Control

PRISM PLUS is a unique lighting solution developed especially for coating application process. The two included diffuser caps will filter the strong LED light and create the effect of a soft-box, ideal to detect high spots and eliminate coating defects without the need of complicated studio setup. Equipped with up to 10 hours battery life & a powerful 1200lms from its CRI+ LED, the PRISM PLUS is designed to be your sidekick when it comes to portable light solutions.

Heavy Work Proof & Bluetooth Control

PRISM PLUS is a versatile inspection lamp, fitted with Bluetooth connectivity and a power bank. If you are all about ergonomics and efficiency, PRISM PLUS can be used in groups of up to 5 lamps and all controlled from the dedicated GYEON PRISM app – available in Google Play and App Store. Rated IK07 & IP67, PRIMS PLUS will resist heavy impact while being dust-tight and waterproof.

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