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Q 2 R VinylCleaner

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Q²R VinylCleaner is a gentle yet effective maintenance product formulated for regular use. It will not discolour or fade any trim. Removes dust and light dirt spots in a flash, leaving no residue behind. Q²R VinylCleaner has light anti-static properties, making it a great everyday product for all plastic trim.

1000 ML

Cleans all types of trim

Q²R VinylCleaner is a gentle vinyl cleaner that might be used on all types of trim, including trim protected with coatings or dressings. It removes dirt and dust, leaving a pleasant matte finish and absolutely no residue behind.

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Best practice and pro-tips from Yves Heylen

Use on all vinyl, leather, marine alcantara and plastic surfaces to remove dust, dirt or staining. Spray either directly or on a quality microfibre. Do not use in direct sunlight or on hot surfaces.